Preparing to sell

Choosing the right Realtor for you and your family should be your first step in preparing to sell. Establishing a plan with a timeline in mind is first and foremost with your Realtor. Preparing to sell may include you staging the home, completing maintenance items and previewing blank listing documents so you know what you will be signing with your Realtor. Establish your “why” as to why you are selling and remember this reason throughout the entire process. Do not be afraid to involve your Realtor as they will provide valuable and time saving tips when preparing your house to sell.

Listing your home

When you are comfortable and ready, this will be the time to meet with your Realtor to review and complete all required documents to place your home on the market. Upon completion of these documents, your home can be placed on the market and your Realtor will begin the marketing and selling process. Be sure to keep your home “show” ready.

Marketing your home

Successfully marketing the home includes proper staging, required maintenance being completed, and of course the marketing plan being fulfilled by your Realtor. During this process, an offer to purchase may be presented to you. Your Realtor will negotiate the contract on your behalf to ensure you are happy with the terms of the agreement.

Closing the sale

After a successfully completed offer to purchase contract has been written and all conditions have been removed, the SOLD sign is placed on your property. You are now officially moving! When possession day is approaching, you will meet with your lawyer to finalize all closing documents and details to ensure nothing unexpected occurs on this day.

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