Understand why you are selling

You have probably heard the expression “buyer’s remorse.” Believe it or not, people also experience “seller’s remorse”. It is important to establish your goals, your reasoning, and motivation behind wanting to sell your home. Occasionally you will need to remind yourself of your goal behind selling when speed bumps are met during the selling process. It’s true, not every sale is executed 100% perfectly and smoothly because every sale is different and every buyer is different. My job is to minimize or eliminate those speed bumps all together. When things appear to be difficult or frustrating during the home selling process remember your “why” as to why you’re selling your home.

Keep those reasons to yourself

Once you’ve established your reason or goals for selling, let’s keep them between us. Words can often spread like wildfire, and if your motivation for selling was to reach the prospective buyer’s ears, our negotiating power will drop significantly.

Choosing the right realtor

This can sometimes be tricky part of the home selling process. Not only is choosing the right realtor essential to a smooth transaction, but it’s also important to feel comfortable with them as you’ll have to trust they are doing the best job possible for you and your family. You may end up spending plenty of time with them, so make sure you get along! Interview them and ask how qualified they are to represent you on a personal and professional level.

Allow prospective buyers to visualize themselves in your home

This is part of the staging process completed prior to placing your home on the market. Making your home look like a show home will allow prospective buyers to imagine their furniture in the living room, or envision their kids playing in the bonus room upstairs. Achieve this by removing your personal items and family pictures, as well as clutter and unnecessary items. When buyers are viewing the property, seeing family photos will automatically draw their attention to the photographs rather than looking at the property itself. You have just lost their attention and will likely not be receiving an offer to purchase on your home. De-cluttering and de-personalizing are two great starting points when preparing your home for sale!

Low offer? Don’t take it personally

It happens all the time! The key is to keep your emotions in check during this time. When presented with an offer as a seller, you have three options:
1) Accept the offer as is
2) Decline the offer outright
3) Counter the offer. You’d be surprised what can happen when this is explored.

Be a smart seller – Disclose everything

Disclose everything! Not only from a legal standpoint but from a “what goes around, comes around” standpoint. Chances are if you’re selling your home, you will need to find a place to live. How would you feel if your next home had a defect that you weren’t notified about? The best way to know if you’re required to disclose something or not is to ask your lawyer.

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